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[Scalebustinbabes] Cherry Bardot


Beautiful and chubby Cherry Bardot has just won the Fan Favorite Best Belly award at BBWcon! She's relaxing in her fancy Las Vegas hotel room, when she hears a knock at the door. It's the towel boy. After some playful maneuvering, she gets him to notice her trophy, as well as her award-winning tummy! This lucky guy can't help but also admire her massive titties, plentiful ass, and wet pussy. Forget delivering towels, she wants him to fuck her! So, he quickly thrusts his hard dick into her eager opening, causing her belly to roll back and forth. Her tits bounce together while he fucks her hard. She goes wild when he squeezes and smacks her massive jugs. Soon, she's on her knees with her mouth open and begging to suck his cock. Hands behind her back, she lightly circles the head with her tongue, before swallowing it whole. But when he tries to get back to work, she begs him to fuck her even more. So she sits back down on his fat shaft, before letting him fuck her belly button and tits. The intensity continues to build, as he penetrates her missionary style and sucks on her nipples. He pounds her hard and shoots a huge load of jizz all over her belly. He rubs it all over her pretty, doll face and then goes right back to work.